Stephanie Bridgefoot

Stephanie Bridgefoot


My journey in health started as a young child, at the age of 11. Having been diagnosed with Epilepsy, my life soon became about what was the right treatment for me. As my body was flooded with many different medications, I suffered severe allergies and many more seizures. From then on, it became a journey of unanswered questions regarding the true cause of my condition. I knew then that illness couldn’t simply be treated with medication, but came from true self-awareness and self-care of the mind and body.

At that point I became more open minded about health and started experimenting with food, and from then on I have loved nutrition. Once I also truly accepted my condition as a part of my life, and not as my identity, it was a huge turning point for me, and motivated me to make changes to improve my health and wellbeing. When I was finally able to study again, I decided upon a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. I absolutely love it and am hoping that through my studies and personal experiences I can continue positive personal growth and also assist other individuals with their health journeys as well.

I have been under the care of many other natural therapies and I believe that understanding the body’s innate ability is truly important for individual health. I am very grateful to be working with Andrew, Veronika and the team. Everyday, I am gaining deeper insight and experiences about how the body works as I work alongside great minds.

One of my previous loves was netball, which I played for over 10 years. Now, in my free time, I enjoy wandering through nature, practicing yoga & meditation, listening to music or simply scouring the markets for beautiful treasures. Not to mention, the company of my family and friends and hanging with my adorable cavoodle, Bailey.