Sunday Lucia

Sunday Lucia


I began my journey into health and wellbeing at a very young age. Having been diagnosed with severe allergies as a child, I was propelled into the never ending field of research, seeking answers about health and what true health actually looks and feels like. I knew it was not in the form of a pill or potion but rather supporting the body to do what it was designed to do.

I have been under the care of a Chiropractor since I was born, in my home town of Bellingen, NSW. My mother had witnessed for herself the amazing results of regularly seeing her Chiropractor and put all three of her children into Chiropractic care. At the time I did not make the connection as to why Chiropractic was so beneficial to me but after choosing a career in Classical/Contemporary Ballet it has played a vital role into keeping my body functioning at an optimum level.

After 15 years of being a professional dancer, I decided to make a change and follow another passion of mine, which was to formalise my knowledge regarding health and take up the study of Ayurvedic medicine. I moved to Sydney in 2014 and began working alongside Andrew whilst completing my studies in Ayurveda. After 3 years under the incredible guidance of Dr Ajit Singh (CEO of Ayurveda Australasia) I graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine. I have a wonderful balance of working part time with both Andrew and Veronika here at The Chiropractor as well as having my own practice in Cremorne Point.

Working with Andrew has given me invaluable insight and a deeper understanding about why chiropractic care is so beneficial to the human body. I feel blessed to be working in two fields I am so passionate and keenly interested in.

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